Since its completion in 1985, 63 has been a symbol representing Seoul
with the magnificent reflections from the golden exterior.

  • 63,the landmark of Korea

    63 Building, Korea’s most recognizable landmark, was designed by the US-based company
    SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill) and local architect Park Choon-myeong, and it was completed in 1985.
    63 Building, erected at Yeoeuido 60, reached the highest altitude above sea level in the East, and was symbol of Korea’s increased national power.
    It immediately became recognized as the shining symbol of economic growth of Korea, called the
    ‘Miracle on the Han River,’ and helped promote globalization with Seoul hosting the 1988 Olympic Games.

    For more than 30 years, 63 Building has been one of the most famous landmarks in Seoul.
    Characterized by the golden glass, this building has different atmospheres in different seasons depending on the insolation, and the reflection of the truly majestic sight.

  • The story of 63 Building in numbers

  • 63 History

    The history of 63 Building

    • 1985
      It took 5 years and 5 months to complete
      after construction began in February 1980
      Total project cost reached 180 billion
      3 floors underground, 60 floors above ground,
      a total area of 166,000㎡ 264m tall, the tallest building in
      the East
    • 1988
      On the rooftop of Yeoeuido 63 Building,
      a large Olympic Cauldron was installed
      It was 8m tall, and the diameter of the bottom plate on
      which the Olympic flame would be lighted was 8m
      It was much larger than the Olympic Cauldron at the Jamsil Main Stadium (5.5m in diameter)
    • 1995
      To celebrate its 10th anniversary,
      the 10th anniversary summer festival,
      the 63 Building Stair Climbing Contest,
      and the Photograph and Picture Contests were held.
      (35,000,000 people visited 63 Building
      over the 10-year period)
    • 2006
      The original facilities were removed, and
      the building went through a large-scale
      6-month renovation before being re-opened
      The luxurious interior becoming its exterior
      enhances the value of the representative high-rise building of Korea
    • 2007
      In celebration of the 60th anniversary of
      modern Korea’s founding, 1,020 experts were surveyed, and the result showed that
      63 Building is the best architectural project in Korea
    • 2015
      With Hanwha Galleria being granted the
      downtown duty-free shop license,
      and the location was set in 63 Building.
      63 Building transformed into ‘Asia’s Best Cultural Complex’. It does not only provide convenience for visitors, but also leads the country’s culture and lifestyle