• Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival

    Beautiful cherry blossoms in spring

    Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival

    The Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival is a fabulous event hosted by 6 financial affiliates of Hanwha Group, including Hanwha Life. This representative festival of spring showcases cherry blossoms, concerts by popular musicians, trendy food, and fun events at the Yeoeuido Han River Park.

    The 'Pink Blossoms' showcases the arrival of spring and offers romantic atmosphere with a stunning panorama of Seoul’s Han River, the epitome of urban contentment.

    This festival offers variety of fun and food for people of all ages!

    Slip away from your everyday life and visit Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival, where beautiful springtime memories are made.

  • Let’s Go to the Han River.

    Take a break from your routine and visit Han River for fun, food, and relaxation!
    The cool river breeze and gentle waves reflecting the urban lights are guaranteed to unwind the day’s tension.


    Riding a Bicycle

    Take a refreshing ride along the beautiful Han River with cool river breeze, and you will be restored by the peaceful ambiance.



    Have a great time at the Han River with friends, loved ones and family.
    The lazily drifting clouds in the clear sky, a sunset over the Han River,
    and a bright moon lighting up the dark sky are scenes sure to be among your fondest memories.

    Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market

    Bamdokkaebi Night Market

    The night view of the beautiful Han River, food from around the world, and special hand-made goods await you.
    The perfect place for night owls! Seoul’s Bamdokkaebi Night Market offers you unforgettable night of fun.


    Water Leisure

    To spend time with loved ones and family or simply relax, ride the Han River cruise ship, pedalo or river boat, the perfect antidote to the bustle and bustle of downtown Seoul

    Watch movies on the Han River

    Watch movies on the Han River

    Enjoy a movie with friends, family, or loved ones in a casually comfortable atmosphere. Top off the Han River’s soothing cool breeze with a refreshing beverage and delightful snack--now that’s pleasure!

  • Seoul International Fireworks Festival with Hanwha

    The colorful fireworks light up the autumn sky

    The festival delivers autumnal delights!

    The Seoul International Fireworks Festival, hosted by Hanwha, has been, for 16 consecutive years, the premier social contribution activity under the slogan ‘Sharing Hope Through Fireworks’.

    Greatest fireworks teams around the world such from Japan, United States, China and Italy, as well as Team Hanwha, mesmerize viewers with extraordinary displays. and every year hundreds of volunteers from Hanwha affiliates help conduct the event and cleaning, adding a warm human touch to the meaning of the festival.

    The Seoul International Fireworks Festival, Korea’s first and only 'Multimedia Fireworks Show’featuring multimedia (fireworks, lasers, videos, and music), presents an array of fireworks displays and storytelling. The show offers viewers a new experience and quality performance culture every year.

  • A New Start with 63

    Make a wish and start the new year with hope
    at the 63 Building Observatory with people you love.

    On New Year’s Day, together with people you love, watch the sun rise from a
    breathtaking altitude of 264m, and write your wishes on the Wall of Wishes.

    63 Building will pool your precious wishes, and pray on your behalf at the Jeju Fire Festival
    that your wishes will come true.

    The annual Jeju Fire Festival on Jeju Island is enjoyed by 100,000 people and is a must-see event on Korea’s calendar of festivals. It features a variety of programs,
    including the Oreum (a volcanic cone) Burning event in which participants write on a wish postcard and then set it afire at one Oreum so the wish comes true